With a brake specialist on site there’s no job too big or too small for us to handle. From a simple brake job to installing a completely new brake system due to contamination, we handle it all. That being said our simple brake jobs are anything but. For our basic brake job we replace pads or shoes, remove rotors or drums and turn them for a new finish, as well as clean and lubricate all necessary components to ensure the new pads last as long as possible. We’ll inspect your brake system for any other failed components or concerns that need to be addressed during the service.

We also turn rotors and drums that are off the vehicle if you’re doing your own brake job. Creating a new friction surface on your rotors or drums ensures that the pads won’t prematurely wear down. If you’re unsure if you need brakes or not, feel free to stop by. Peace of mind only takes a few minutes and our knowledge and recommendations are always free.