Whether it’s a classic muscle, a classic body with a new engine, or a new vehicle altogether, our specialty is designing, creating, and installing a custom exhaust system that meets both the needs of the engine and the style requests of the customer. We pride ourselves on our clean installation that is fitted to each vehicle’s design and modifications while providing the unique sound only available from a custom exhaust. We can work on anything from the project car that’s been in your garage, to the national contest winning hot rods.

From catalytic converters to flex pipes and more we keep many components that commonly fail on vehicles in stock so that replacement can be done as quickly as possible to get your vehicle back to that factory sound. In the event we do not have something in stock, working with our vendors has allowed us to be able to get most products within a half day of ordering. Most exhaust repairs done by automotive repair facilities are done by replacing entire sections of the exhaust even if only one piece has failed. Applying our abilities to create custom exhaust also allows us to replace only the pieces that have failed on a factory exhaust system, which saves our customers time and money.

We work with many businesses in the area, such as body shops, to repair collision damage, as well as restoration shops, to provide high end vehicles with the custom built exhaust they deserve. Let us work with you to get that sound that matches the personality of your vehicle.